New shared housing project for young people in Barnet

Young people who become homeless in Barnet will be rewarded for contributing to the community through a new house-share scheme by social landlord Barnet Homes.

The ‘Get Real’ project offers shared accommodation and ongoing support to young people who show a commitment to education, training or employment. The scheme is aimed at breaking the culture of antisocial behaviour, alcohol and drug abuse and welfare dependency that frequently exists among young people in temporary accommodation.

Barnet Homes Chief Executive Tracey Lees said: “Temporary accommodation can be very isolating and can seriously harm the prospects of vulnerable young people, as they become exposed to issues like drug taking, alcoholism and dependency on the welfare system. We strongly believe that shared housing is a much better environment for young people, though we expect them in return to show a continual commitment to advancing themselves through study, training or employment.”

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