This Program Directory lists independent Home Sharing Programs around the Country to help consumers who want to Home Share. NSHRC is not a housing provider. The Directory is made available to help you find a program that exists in your area. NSHRC does not have legal authority over programs listed in the Directory.

If you are currently operating a non-profit Home Sharing Program and would like to be listed on the NSHRC Program Directory, please view the criteria to list your Home Sharing Program. If your program meets the criteria, you will have the opportunity to complete an application to be listed on this website.


  • Match-up Program
  • Address: Ventura, CA
  • Phone: 805-477-7300 Option 3
  • Contact: Sonia Vaughn
  • Email:
  • Notes: Sponsored by Housing Authority of Ventura for residents of City of Ventura.



  • Match-up Homesharing Program
  • Address: Punta Gorda, FL
  • Phone: 941.258.5255
  • Contact: Anna Callwood
  • Email:


  • Match-up Homesharing Program
  • Address: Park Ridge, IL
  • Phone: 847.823.0453
  • Contact: Jessica Raap
  • Email:
  • Notes: Serving suburban Cook County primarily, for more than 20 years for adults of all ages. Also offers transitional housing with supportive services, homelessness prevention assistance; also Salvation Army extension site for utility/gasoline, etc., assistance. 20 other services for area residents.



  • Match-up Homesharing Program
  • Address: Baltimore, MD
  • Phone: 410.366.8550
  • Contact: Karen Heyward-West
  • Email:
  • Notes: Non-profit match service matching homeowners with compatible tenants to rent a room.



New Jersey

  • Match-up Homesharing Program
  • Address: Englewood, NJ
  • Phone: 201.568.1166
  • Contact: Susan Bendes
  • Email:
  • Notes: Housemates must be able to share financial obligations and to meet their own basic needs. In some cases, services such as childcare, senior care, or housekeeping are bartered for a reduced financial share.

New York

  • Match-up Homesharing Program
  • Address: New York, NY
  • Phone: 212.962.7559
  • Contact: Elizabeth Sofield
  • Email:
  • Notes: Match must include person 60 or over. Also serves persons living with a developmental disability.

North Carolina



  • Match-up Homesharing Program
  • Address: Hawley, PA
  • Phone: 570-832-5133
  • Contact: Larisa Yusko
  • Email:


  • Match-up Homesharing Program
  • Address: Dallas, TX
  • Phone: 214.821.8510
  • Contact: Maria Machado
  • Email:
  • Notes: Services for aged 21 and over. Shared Living Residence: 12-month service for homeless single-parent families and older adults. Match-up considered a transitional and permanent housing solution.



  • Match-up Homesharing Program
  • Address: Tacoma, WA
  • Phone: 253.272.1532
  • Contact: Mark Merrill – Executive Director
  • Email:
  • Notes: Since 1991, Shared Housing Services, a 501c3 nonprofit, has been serving all of Pierce County, Washington through its Homesharing Programs. The Adult Homesharing Programs work to prevent AND reduce homelessness by assisting home providers to remain stably housed while at the same time creating affordable housing options for those who are currently experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness. The Youth Host Home Program assist young adults experiencing homelessness, build the skills and self-sufficiency to obtain and sustain permanent housing.