Resource Guide to Establishing a New Homesharing Program

The 2018 Resource Guide for New Homesharing Programs is now available! This guide walks you through planning and designing a new homesharing program. This Homesharing Resource Guide is designed to share our combined knowledge and experience to help new programs get started and be successful. Below is the Table of Contents to give you an understanding of topics covered.

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Table Of Contents

Section 1: Overview of Homesharing

     What is Homesharing?
     What Homesharing is Not
     Why People Homeshare
     Where Can a Homesharing Program Work?
     Variations Among Programs
     The Online Dilemma

Section 2: The Feasibility Study

     What is the Need for Housing?
     Potential Clientele/Target Population
     Geographic Service Area
     Housing Stock
     Organizational Structure
     Potential Funding Sources
     Development & Implementation Timeline
          Timeline for Program Start-Up
          Marketing & Outreach Plan

Section 3: Program Design & Start-Up

     Types of Homesharing Arrangements
          Rent Only
          All Service/No Rent
          Rent/Service Exchange Combination
     Models of Program Matching
          Referral Model
          Comprehensive Model
     Making Matches is Hard to Do!
     The Matching Process
          Eligibility Criteria
          Background and Reference Checks
               National Background Checks
               Credit Checks
               Reference Checks
          Trial Period
          Written Homeshare Match Agreements
          Ongoing Support to Participants
     Miscellaneous Legal Issues
          Zoning and Building Codes
          Landlord/Tenant Laws
          Income Taxes
          Government Benefit Programs
     Critical Components of a Successful Homesharing Program
          Adequate Staffing Levels
          Data Collection
          Risk Management
          Fair Housing Compliance
          Complementary Alliances
          Volunteer Support

Glossary of Terms


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