Criteria for NSHRC Website Listing of Homesharing Match-up Programs

Criteria for NSHRC Website Listing of Homesharing Match-up Programs

The National Shared Housing Resource Center (NSHRC) is a clearinghouse of information for people looking to find a shared housing program in their community. We are dedicated to expanding the availability of non-profit shared housing programs around the country.

NSHRC does NOT register individuals looking to share their home or those seeking housing nor do we have any legal authority over shared housing programs listed on our directory.

The shared housing Match-Up Programs (also known as homesharing) listed in the directory are independent from NSHRC and we provide this online directory to connect individuals with available housing resources.

Non-profit organizations can be added to the Directory if they meet the following criteria:

•  They are a non-profit 501(c)3 under IRS rules or operating under the umbrella of a non-profit corporation.

•  They are a homesharing match-up program with agency staff or volunteers who are trained to screen program applicants which may include a one-on one process of interviews, background and reference checks.

•  They offer a one-on-one matching service between people who have an extra room in their home with those who are looking for housing.

•  They help Home Sharing Matches define a Home Sharing Match agreement.

•  They provide follow-up support to Home Sharing Matches.

•  Their goals are consistent with the goals of NSHRC including, but not limited to, fair housing laws.

•  They pay an annual fee of $100.

In exchange NSHRC agrees to list them in the Program Directory page of NSHRC’s website.

NOTE: For payments received in 2018, eligible programs will be listed on the NSHRC website through all of 2019.

If your organization meets this criteria, click below to submit an application form.

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